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At the Dentist (Part 3)



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"Communicating At the Dentist in Japanese" was co-written with 3 Japanese dentists. It includes 46 useful phrases Japanese speaking dentists and English speaking patients can use for smoother visits to the dentist's office.

Content ranges from basic sentences like:
Bite down hard (強くかんで下さい。)
Please raise your head" (頭を持ち上げて下さい。) more complicated phrases like:
Do you have any adverse reactions to local anesthesia? (麻酔で気分が悪くなりますか?)
When I give the injection, you might feel a little sting. (注射のときに少しチクッとするかもしれません。)

Great for any English speaking patient planning to visit a Japanese dentist OR English speaking dentist working with Japanese patients. This course helps with fluency and clear pronunciation.

Product Code: AT 7U88O93


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